Positive Youth Development: Belonging

All young people want to belong and be members of groups. Groups may be formal like classrooms and school sports teams or informal like 4-H clubs and groups at libraries and youth centers. There are three essential elements that, when present in 4-H clubs, create a strong feeling of belonging among club members. 

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Lignum Vitae Partners with new "Pathways" Program

Youth from Elizabeth Estates and surrounding areas gathered at the Thelma Gibson Primary School library this past Saturday, March 11th to become the first set of participants in the “Pathways” program. “Pathways” is a community action plan hosted by activist movement Rise Bahamas in partnership with social development agency Lignum Vitae Centre of Hope and community group Smart East. From 10 am - 12 pm children receive mind sports instruction in chess and the African board game Awari, which is taught by Dr. David Sands. There’s a one-hour lunch break until 1 pm, after which participants are provided a clear path toward entering a career or becoming their own boss. 

Pathways organizer Terneille Burrows said, “The mind sports component teaches children strategy and critical thinking while the 4H Building your Career curriculum encourages development through team building and confidence building exercises. I’m most excited to teach an introduction to music business class to the group. We’ve already discovered that there’s an emerging visual artist in the bunch. It’s very likely someone with a music industry interest will join as well.”

The initiative was made possible through a partnership with The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) via their Resistance & Prevention Program (RAPP) which is funded by the US Government. A certified RAPP Facilitator, Ms. Burrows brought partner organizations together to create a unique program that would impact participants in a variety of ways. The RAPP training process she underwent exists to prepare leaders to mentor, educate and encourage others working with young people to take concrete actions that improve the future of the next generation.

The weekly Pathways program will run until the last Saturday in April and is still accepting registrants throughout this week. Parents of children ages 12-14, in Elizabeth Estates and surrounding areas can register by Phone at 325-4800 or email risebahamas@gmail.com Deadline: Friday, March 17th. The program is free. Space is limited. Lunch and supplies are provided.