Lignum Vitae Centre for Hope's Projects

Since 2009, Lignum Vitae has been working to a positive force for change in The Bahamas.

The objectives of 4-H/Hand-Up are:

  • Innovation
  • Research based education
  • Goal setting
  • Focus on health 
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Build stronger families
  • Share new ideas and techniques
  • Strengthen their communities and neighbourhoods
  • Living a better life



4-H Youth Clubs support 'learning by doing.' Youth participate in a series of self-directed activities under the guidance of a trained volunteer to develop competence in a variety of areas including gardening, rocketry, environment, health rocks, fashion, consumer choices, entrepreneurship, and conflict resolution.

Volunteers, trained as 4-H Club leaders by Lignum Vitae, run 4-H Clubs. 4-H is for all youth and serves youth from all backgrounds and interests. We serve all communities and work with community leaders to ensure we are effective in our mission and approach. 

The 4-H mission is to empower youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.


Project HANDS UP

The project Hands Up arm of Lignum Vitae is dedicated to providing skills to Bahamian women in need. Our program teaches women sewing and entrepreneurship. We serve women who are keen to support themselves and their families.  Their products are sold at local markets and they receive a portion of each sale. 

I’m a mother (of 10) who is one of the single parents who is a part of this programmer. I love it and was blest to be a part of the Hands Up Programme. It has really helped me and given me a way to go out to create different styles and create my own designs now. Thank you so much to all who helped assisted us in the past year and we thank you for any assistance in the future. Thanks to all who came in to lecture and teach us and all that we learned. Blessings from all of us. Hands up to all of you. Love you all. Dominique Mortimer. GRATEFUL!!!