Lignum Vitae Centre for Hope is committed to positive social change.

Our Mission

Lignum Vitae Bahamas (Centre of Hope) is a non-discriminatory organization and is not limited to any particular population, race, culture, political group or religion.

We recognize that any government cannot supply endless jobs to meet the demands of society and therefore both youth and adults need an education and opportunities to acquire skills for self-employment and self-sufficiency.

We strive to continue to offer smart strategy workshops and training to assist them with building skills, confidence, self-esteem and workforce preparation.

Our goal is for our nation to develop a shared vision of an environment, which enables improved social behavior.

We believe that youth development is not something you do to youth but is the result of the collaboration with youth and is dependent upon caring adults, teachers, pastors, community, police and family.

We advocate for the ongoing discussion and collaboration with non-profits, corporate and community leaders to choose and implement programs that will equip and empower impoverished families and offer them a hand-up and not just a hand-out.

We believe by creating development opportunities for youth and families within their communities we can offer safe, structured, inclusive environments where communities can create connections and experience a sense of belonging while also having the opportunities to think, communicate, make good decisions, explore new hobbies, entrepreneurship and develop new leadership skills.


Most people would probably agree that participation in quality youth programs and neighbourhood-based activities is a good thing for young people. All parents wish their children to have successful, happy lives, but challenging times find many of those parents without the opportunity to expose their children to creative activities. We believe that young people need stimulation, a venue where they are encourage to try new things, positive reinforcement, a place to dream of a future, and mentors to help them believe it is all possible!